Friday, June 14, 2013

If it’s Tuesday it Must be Luxembourg

Sorry it’s been a while since the last post. There’s not a lot to report really as we’ve just been racing around Europe like a pair of demented tourists. Until now we’ve been the slowest travellers on record but suddenly someone must have pressed the fast forward button. In the past 2 weeks we’ve done 9 countries!!

Here’s a recap. After getting back from our side trip to Paris, we drove to Munich to sort out the final details with Bimobil. There was all sorts of boring stuff to make decisions on like solar panels and batteries, and more exciting stuff like upholstery colours.

We drove through Switzerland and Austria and stopped near Lake Constance overnight on the way back. The weather was terrible so we didn’t linger anywhere.

Back in Avignon we packed up Hilda and got ready the drive north. First stop Condrieu, but the campsite was closed and the weather defeated us again. We did an overnighter in Luxembourg and were completely enchanted by this tiny Duchy. Mental note: must go back.

Lovely Luxembourg
Next stop the Mosel region – after all what’s a road trip without a wine region? Trier and Bernkastel were exactly as the wine books describe - steeply terraced vineyards lining the river, picturesque villages and above all, delicious wine. The sun came out for us and we took advantage cycling along the river and indulging in a spot of wine tasting.

Mosel River

Bernkastel Main Square - of course we had to sip on a glass of Mosel

We arrived in Bonn to stay with Stuart to be there whilst he underwent some surgery, but it was cancelled at the last minute. However we unloaded Hilda and took over the apartment whilst we sorted out what was to go back to Australia, and what we could keep and fit onto our reduced space. Where did all that stuff come from?? It’s extraordinary what you can fit into such a small space. I’ve become a master of storage.

I hope my new found skills will work their magic on the new vehicle.

We are now in the UK and sorting out the sale of all our superfluous ‘stuff’  (ie; motorhome, trailer, scooter). It was so cold when we arrived that I had to rescue my puffy coat from the ‘Australia’ pile. Thinking back to how cold it was in Wales last year, I didn’t think I could survive without it.

We’ll spend 3 weeks in Blighty and then drive the Landcruiser to Munich.

PS: The good news is that we can reclaim our VAT by simply driving across the border into Switzerland. So on July 22 we'll do a quick border crossing and then head to Alsace. Happy happy!!