Slow Wine

Horse ploughing in a Georgian vineyard

Qvevry (amphorae) in a modern Georgian winery

1000yr old monastery winery in Armenia

Lawrence contemplates his palate.
Our first serious wine in Boris was a Chateauneuf de Pape to accompany our tinned cassoulet served in an enamel dish - class!!Wonderful wine with great length, subtle fruit and very mouth filling.

Walking path in the Ahr
The Ahr region, just south of Bonn, has a wonderful walking trail through it. As you can see it it VERY steep - they make wonderful light pinot noir in this region and we managed to quaff a few.

We loved the Alsace region but it was so hot, we didn't do much. The Hansel and Gretel Villages are divine and our base of Colmar was brilliant. We found a wonderful tasting bar and spent a bit of time indulging. A favourite was a sparkling rose! Of course the region is famous for the wonderful minerally riesling, along with Pinot Gris, Pinot blanc and a few other minor ones. Edelzwicker is a blend of all the permitted varieties - vey floral and not really to my taste.

Burgundy is of course simply divine. We had a fun afternoon literally driving through the vineyards in Boris. The wine unfortunately is out of our price range these days and needs considerable ageing, which of couse we don't have the facilities for. We had drank a few of the 'Village' type wines which are a reasonable substitute for the real thing.

Typical Haute Cote de Nuit vineyards.
Boris does Burgundy

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