Thursday, April 3, 2014

Spring has Sprung

We are still in Germany!! Despite my penchant for living in Maastricht, we have rented a flat just outside Bonn. Lawrence and Stuart decided that we needed to be close by, so I lost that one. Anyway the flat is really lovely with views across our lawn to a cow paddock. The district is called Schweinheim – literally pig’s home. We are on the edge of a forest, so will be exploring the walking trails, virtually at our back door.
Our new home

The weather is amazing. The flowers are flowering, the blossoms are blossoming and the blackbirds are singing the Camptown Ladies – a sure sign of Spring. Today is grey but the temperature has been in the 20’s for more than a week.

Boris is parked at Stuart’s and seems safe and bothering no-one, so we’ll just leave him there.

We spent a week in Sardinia and really loved it. So civilised after Sicily. We only saw the east coast, but may go back to see more if we get a chance. The 3 islands Corsica, Sardinia and Sicily are all so different. Somehow I thought they‘d similar, but no.

Sardinian beach

Camp in Sardinia
We took the overnight ferry from Sardinia to Livorno and headed north to Austria. Having had the misfortune to spend a day in Livorno a few years back, we were happy to head to head straight off - it’s a really ghastly port city.

We spent 2 nights in Innsbruck camped in a beautiful spot surrounded by snow capped mountains. The city is small and quaint, and we had fabulous sunny weather, perfect last camping spot before heading to Germany.

Camping in Innsbruck

Lunch in the sun in Innsbruck
We spent 4 weeks staying with Stuart, so it’s nice to have our own place now. Business wise things are moving slowly as predicted, but gaining momentum.

I’ve started yoga – this is a challenge as the classes are in German, but the delightful teacher does a bit of English for me. I’m not sure my German is improving. Must make an effort now that we’ll be here for a few months.

Will report back when we have any more news – but that’s it for now.

The locals in Cologne really let their hair down for Carnivale