Sunday, June 19, 2011

We have a Unimog...

Lawrence has returned from his travels, spending our retirement funds on a large yellow truck. He has driven 2200kms across Europe and left it with some complete strangers in Lancaster UK. I only hope it is still there when we arrive and hasn't been sold for parts on the black market.

Update on Kate: She is now officially a truckie! The lovely Brett allowed her to pass her licence. Possibly to prevent her coming back for further lessons and endagering his life and his truck. What's wrong with doing 50kph on the M4??


  1. Nice colour, is this the European equivalent of a Winnebago? Looks like its going to be a hoot.

  2. This is the off-road version, built to go anywhere!! Not quite as luxurious as a Winnebago, but hopefully more practical, except in small Italian and Spanish towns where we plan to spend a lot of time...

  3. From a Texan's point of view, we see it as the RV form of a Hummer. To Lawrence and Kate: Awesome!
    John and Denise

  4. That's not a camper - that's an armoured delivery vehicle [camouflaged
    for it's work in high security chicken and sunflower farms]!

    Good lord - I WILL watch for those left hand turns.

    I cannot express how much amusement this brings me- you MUST get, not a
    fake set of skis or jet ski, but a fake ground to air missile launcher -
    maybe in a lovely green to be patriotic???? Ha!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. G'Day. I would like to get in contact with you about your recent purchase. I have recently purchase a similar vehicle in the UK and an preping it for a journey overland back to Oz. Shoot me an email if you are up for a bit of a chat about your plans. Regards Mike


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