Monday, July 11, 2011

We have a name!

Finally we have come up with a name for the truck. I was really keen to have a wine related name - for obvious reasons.

To explain our new moniker: there is a unique wine produced in small quanities in the region of Jura in France called Vin Jaune (literally 'yellow wine'), hence our unimog will be now be known as VAN JAUNE. Sadly only wine geeks will get it - but so be it.


  1. I dont get it. Can't you just call it Chardonnay?
    Jane xx

  2. As stated - only wine geeks will get it!! Will explain over a glass of chardy.

  3. I love it - and so much cooler than the 'Ken & Barbie mobile' that Rosie has become ever so fond of!


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