Sunday, October 23, 2011

I ate gizzards!!

Yes it's true, I knowingly ate gizzards. I even ordered them myself from the menu. How can duck gizzards taste good? I'm a confirmed 'no offal' person, but a gizzard salad, french style is absolutely delicious.

Au Petit Lombard
Anyway, as you can see, we now have some internet access. We've been staying at a friends' house in the south of France for almost 3 weeks, and the internet access is patchy even once we got the Orange gizmo to work.

The weather has been amazing, warm and sunny with cool evenings. Ruth and Sandie have been to visit and we have overdosed on churches, villages, food (esp duck) and of course the local vino. The wine here is so cheap, we are in wine wanker's heaven. We've also been overdosing on chèvre chaud salad, simply divine.

We actually had 3 days of no alcohol after the girls left, as we thought we'd end up just fat alcoholics. Not the way I want to get into the record books "The world's fattest alcoholics found in the South of France".
Our market shopping

Our local village, Monfort, is really quaint with a 14th century covered marketplace. We had lunch at the restaurant on Sunday, 5 courses for 18 euros plus wine. A dog adopted us and decided to follow us home as we were on foot. He just ambled along behind us until finally Lawrence went to get the car and we took the dog back to a shady spot where it just sat with us and looked terribly put out when we left it there! Apparently he makes a habit of this (the dog, not Lawrence), but we are staying 3 kms from the village and weren't sure what we'd with him.

Lawrence took the girls out for  run in the Mog, they came back white-faced and very quiet.
Ruth bravely posing before her ride.
My next project is to do some redecorating, if I'm to seriously make friends with the truck we need new seat covering in our dining area. So yes, you guessed it, I'm attempting the recovering myself. This could be interesting - watch this space...


  1. Nat and I are loving the blog. Rolling on the floor with laughter. Slightly easier for me as Nat is about to give birth sometime in the next week.
    Keep having fun! I am glad you are starting to make friends with the MOG.

  2. Gizzards! Mon Dieu! Who would have thunk it? Still living vicariously through you Kate. In news just in ...Andy and Jane are getting married! The suprise question was popped at Tiffany's no less! Shocked the sh*&t out of me!

    much love the Huxley Carr's

  3. Brent - please email with baby details. Don't seem to have your email address. Hope all is well. Kx


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