Thursday, March 22, 2012

Out Of Africa

We are back in Spain and camped in our favourite spot in El Puerto de Santa Maria. It feels like home, we even have the same pitch. It’s not quite the same without our buddies here, but lovely nonetheless.

Whilst we enjoyed Morocco, we are glad to be back in civilization. We took the 7.30am ferry from Tanger Med and got here just in time for Spanish Lunch!!  We walked down to our favourite restaurant and pigged out on seafood with a bottle of Palomino blanco. Yes, they make a dry white wine from Palomino in this region.

Things I loved about Morocco.

Ever loving Donkeys

  1. The donkeys.
  2. The dates
  3. Home delivered tagine – to your Mog door.
  4. Good souks
  5. Riad Chi-Chi
  6. The beer – it was really good when you could get hold of it.
  7. The Camping Parks right down in the south
  8. The loiterers – it’s a national sport in Morocco.
  9. The pastries
  10. The people we met – hopefully will keep in touch with all of you!!!

What can I say???

Things I won’t miss.

  1. Dirty toilets
  2. The Rubbish
  3. The drivers
  4. Dirty souks
  5. The camels
  6. Crossing the road (it’s best to follow a woman with a pram)
  7. The call to prayer 5 times a day (which sounded similar to a cow giving birth)
  8. Being hassled to buy stuff we don’t want
  9. Dodgy showers
  10. The dust

Why not???

 What's next?? - Watch this space...

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