Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Breaking News ...

Excuse the pun, but I do have further news re the broken bones. 

I'm going into hospital again tomorrow for some corrective surgery. Seems the emergency surgeon in spain didn't quite get it right which will cause problems down the road such as arthritis and the potential for ankle fusion surgery down the track. 

Some new british hardware will be installed and I'll be back to square one, another 6 weeks on crutches with a mulitcultural right leg. As you can imagine, I'm not really happy about this outcome, but don't have much choice.

To add insult to injury, we are now arguing with the insurers. Unti now they have been great, but are refusing to pay for private surgery in the UK and want to send me home and throw me into the public health system. No way, José!!

Holiday Snaps

Our dear long suffering friends, Pete and Kath will be stuck with us for some time, and we are stuck with Welsh weather. 

Please send alcohol.

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  1. Poor poor kate. We are thinking of you. Such a crappy holiday interlude. Good luck with the war.



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