Saturday, May 5, 2012

Plastered Again

Well I’ve had a really exciting week!! On Wednesday I got a new plaster cast, slightly less cumbersome than the previous one. It’s amazing what constitutes excitement when you are house bound.

Number 4 (but who's counting)

Also I had to rescue a spider on one leg (me, not the spider) from the bath which was quite a balancing act as he didn’t want to be rescued.

I’ve been researching nutrition and supplement requirements for healing broken bones and the good new is that I need to eat a lot. As someone who loves to eat, this was music to my ears. So far I haven’t put on any weight – watch this space. Fortunately I can’t weigh myself, and I’m living in stretchy track pants, so I may be kidding myself. I think I’m entitled to some self-delusion.

Next specialist appointment is Wednesday next week, so I will get another new cast then – that’ll be number 5!!!

Hold tight for the next exciting instalment.

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