Monday, August 20, 2012

Service Interruptions Possible – we apologise for any inconvenience

If anyone reading this is ever tempted to use Orange Telecom Prepaid internet, here is my advice.

Take 4 x 50 euro notes and walk into an Orange shop. Put 2 x 50 euros notes on the counter and set fire to them. You’ll get the same outcome as if you actually tried to purchase internet connection, but you’ll have the satisfaction of them having to clean up the mess.

Then take the other 2 x 50 euro notes and go and have a damned good lunch. You’ll feel a whole lot better and won’t care if you can’t upload your blog or Skype your friends. At least you will have received something in exchange for your 200 euros.

We are now on SFR prepaid internet which works, is cheaper, but coverage is very patchy.

So don’t blame me if blog entries are spasmodic. We’ll either be out to lunch or in a non-coverage area.

A Good Lunch

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