Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Heading for the Hills

We’ve been back from our side trip to the Sierra de Grazalema for a few days and are not impressed with our weather. Hurrumph!!

However our sojourn in the mountains was wonderful. The hotel was an absolute delight. Typically Spanish, it was tastefully decorated and run by a wonderful man called Andres. Our view of Grazalema was perfect, only improved by the blanket of snow on the second day. Snow was forecast, but we didn’t really believe that we would get 4 inches.
aVERY white 'pueblo blanco'

We did a marvellous walk on day 1 – about 4 hours - sweeping views, craggy outcrops, steep pointed granite peaks. Our planned walk for the second day (you must book ahead as they limit the numbers) was not to be, as the snow had blocked the access road. Instead, we did the walk close to town through the snow – such a strange feeling in the south of Spain.
Day 1 walk
Day 2 walk

We ate so much for lunch on the first 2 days that we couldn’t eat dinner – they really know how to feed you here. All delicious local produce and fabulous wine from down the road. On the 3rd night we tried really hard to do ‘grown ups’ dinner and eat late with the Spanish, but when we left after 10.30, we were still the only people in the restaurant. I don’t know how they do it. The wild boar was worth it anyway.

We drove home through one more pueblo blanco Zahara, another dramatically located white town.
Lovely Zahara

Back in El Puerto it has been raining, raining, raining. So much so that we had to move pitch as we were in danger of floating away – fortunately in the direction of the bar. Anyway, in a fit madness we booked a flight to Gran Canaria and we leave tonight. 5 days in the sun and some good hill walking is just what we need.

We’ll return on Monday 11, and head to the Extremadura area on the 13th.

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