Friday, October 11, 2013

Rocky Mountain High

Now that you all have bad John Denver songs on your brain, I'll show you some photos of our drive today.  It was so extraordinary, that I thought a blog should be dedicated to it.

You don't need any description from me - just look at these Dolomites in the snow - with sun shining.

This is what a Unimog is meant to be used for! At 2200 metres and about minus 2 degrees.
It's impossible to describe what we drove through today, and photos do not do it justice. Suffice to say, it was probably the most amazing landscape we have seen to date.

We are now camped in 'the wild' and waiting to see if it will snow tonight. It's certainly cold enough, but fortunately Boris is very well insulated. It's about 2 degrees outside.

The Road


  1. That's why we are leaving for Perth! Spring is in the air overthere, not winter! Have a nice time in Europe, we leave for Australia October 22, to stay till April 8 (next year). Greetings from George and Marianne

    1. Hi George!
      Great to see your comment. Hope you have a wonderful time in Perth. Let me know if you need any 'inside' info. It's my home town as you probably recall.


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