Monday, December 30, 2013

Happy New Year and all that ...

This is, of course, my last post for the year.

As usual at this time of year one does a little reflection. First up we can’t believe that we still on the road after 28 months, still happily living in confined quarters and have only made it as far as Sicily.

So far the slow campers have seen 21 countries, but really only explored 9. We’ve driven approximately 26,000 kilometres (in 3 vehicles) – not counting miles in the air, on MoJo, in rented cars, on bicycles or astride camels.

I’ve posted 103 blogs, but only 29 this year – my laziest writing year, but at least I’m still at it. Once we hit the ‘The Stans’ and beyond it’ll be more interesting (hopefully) but I imagine more spasmodic.

Thanks for following and I always appreciate your comments.

We are now in our winter ‘bolt hole’ San Vito Lo Capo but today the weather is dreary and wet.

After leaving the Pompei Campsite we spent the day at Paestum about 100 kms south of Naples. This area boasts the oldest intact Doric Temples in the world and worth a visit. The photos say it all.

2500 year old temples - give or take a hundred years
We left ourselves 3 1/2 hours to make to back to Naples to be on time for our ferry. We needed every second of it as the last 7kms took an hour and a half. I think it’s the worst traffic jam I’ve ever been in. The bloody scooters don’t help. We nearly knocked a few off – should have tried harder.

Anyway we made our boat and checked into our relatively spacious 4 berth cabin. We went down to the restaurant for our pre-paid dinner and had the second worst meal of our lives. Fortunately we had the foresight to bring our own wine, thanks to Lawrence, so left our cold pasta and overcooked meat and demolished a bottle of cheap red.

Our arrival next morning was terribly early (we skipped the breakfast) and we drove through Palermo and headed straight to the campsite and sunshine. Bliss, but it didn’t last.

Our favourite local bar
Christmas morning wasn’t too bad but the winds whipped up at midday and just got worse. We ate inside, so no photos to post. Of course we drank an excellent Marc Chauvet vintage champagne, a lovely Sud Tirol Pinot Noir with our duck and finished with a Jurancon doux to accompany our cheese. There was a knock on our door at 7pm and a Swiss couple came to pay us a visit as they were interested in our vehicle. These things happen in campsites and we often end up with lovely friendships out of the blue. More wine was consumed so I’m not sure how much sense we made!

Boxing Day was just bloody awful. Horrendous winds that kept us indoors all day and awake all night. Things improved for a few days, but now we have rain – oh well, could be worse, could be in the office.

We plan to stay here for a few weeks, no matter what. The weather is no better anywhere else and this is a great spot to hang out. It’s a real summer tourist beach spot so very quiet in the winter, suits us just fine.

But the best new of all is that Australia have won The Ashes - we now have that ugly little urn back in our clutches.

Happy New Year to all – and let me know all your news.

Our local beach

Our local rock

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  1. Happy New Year to you both from rainy and windy Normandy. I'm cuddled with the cats and a glass of red, having had more than my share of champagne last night with a couple of good friends. I hope you have another great year on the road and I'm looking forward to your posts from the Stans. I will likewise keep you posted on my progress in finding a new home in Le Perche and acquiring a dog and perhaps a horse or two. Safe travels. Love, Linda


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