Monday, February 17, 2014

Here is the News!!

We are now in Sardinia, having finally left Sicily after 7 weeks. Now the astute among you will have immediately thought – north? – aren’t they meant to be heading east??

We have decided in stay in Europe for another year (ish). Lawrence’s brother Stuart has asked us to help him build up his consultancy business in order to sell it – hopefully for lots of moula. He has signed up some major clients and needs all the help he can muster. I’ll be doing some HR stuff and Lawrence will be doing financial consulting and certification. So yes, I have a bloody job.

We’ll be working in the car dealership industry, about which I know nothing. Oh well, been there before.

So we are on way to Germany to spend some time with Stuart (and dog Logan) before finding a flat in Maastricht in Holland. Most of the business in based in Holland, in case you were wondering.

I last left you in San Vito and since then we’ve seen most of Sicily. I have to admit it’s not my favourite part of the world, although there are a few really lovely spots. Call me hard to please, but rubbish strewn roadsides, poly tunnels and dull grimy towns just don’t do it for me.

Valley of the Temples near Agrigento
Having said that we loved our camp near Avola, right by the sea. We had great neighbours Amanda and Derek and their fabulous chocolate labrador, Zephyr. But best of all, my sister and her hubbie came to visit us for 9 days. We did some touring around, the highlight of which was Syracuse, a really lovely baroque town with an extensive lively market and delicious pastries.

Most of the coastline has been ruined by seriously ugly developments or poly tunnels, not my cup of tea. We did love the wine, the sausages, the fennel and the pastries.

Wild Orchid near San Vito - just because it's pretty
After leaving Avola we all went on to Catania near the base of Mount Etna. The camp itself was a bit scrappy but we were right on the sea. We went up the mountain and walked about in the snow, dodging the skiers and snowboarders, but couldn’t get right up to the volcano. We also went to Taormina, a pretty hill town.

Me with Pip and Mike on Mt Etna
We rather liked Catania, clean and spacious with rather grand buildings, and good shopping. We needed to buy some smart consultants clothes so that we can at least look like we know what we’re doing. Happily the winter sales were on and loads of items were 50% off.


Who can resist an elephant fountain?

Our camping spot near Catania

We’ll continue our journey home, starting some time next November, well that is the latest plan. Plan D.3 is it??

Anyway, having been in Sardinia for 2 days we love it. So much cleaner and more civilised than Sicily, and really beautiful so far, but we haven’t seen much. Once again we are camped by the sea and as this is the only campsite open on the island in winter we might just stay until our ferry next Saturday.

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