Wednesday, September 10, 2014

When in Rome …

We’re just back from our flying visit to the Italian capital. What a blast! It went by in a flurry of eating and drinking and wearing our feet to the bone. You’ll be pleased to know that Rome is still vey fabulous.

We loved catching up with Sally and Denis, having plenty of laughs over many bottles of Prosecco. As we’d really done Rome last December, we just did a few good churches, the eerie Catacombs, and loads of characterful bars.
Prosecco was need after the Catacombs

Can't resist an elephant statue

Farewell Lunch

We were staying in a dive near Termini Station, cheap but clean and almost comfortable (apart from the bed and shower!). It was like a sort of ‘Country Warp’ one minute we were in Rome and the next, Bangladesh. Happily we didn’t need to spend much time at our digs. It served the purpose! We prefer to spend our money on good wine.

And now for the weather report. It was HOT and SUNNY!!!  - fabulous with balmy starry nights and a full moon. Now back in Bonn it’s cold and grey – groan. We are planning a Boris trip next week to Dresden and Prague. Pray for sunny weather.

Will report back.

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