Monday, November 17, 2014

Are You Really From Australia?

If we had ten quid for every time we’ve heard that question, we’d be able to afford to live in Oz again! We’ve only been on the road for a month and have met loads of people interested in what we are doing. Boris continues to attract attention. I’m thinking of having a leaflet ready to hand out, explaining the vehicle and our plans.

After leaving Andorra, we drove into Spain through more spectacular Pyrenean scenery and spent the night in Zaragoza. The intention was to head to Segovia and be in Salamanca for Lawrence’s birthday.

Then we looked at the forecast.

So instead of turning right, we turned left and headed to the Med coast. We’d always avoided this part of Spain due to overdevelopment, overcrowding and over-everything. However we spent a few days in Valencia and loved it. Of course we did a good Spanish lunch to celebrate Lawrence’s birthday. Valencia is a lovely city with beautiful buildings, a great market and loads of outdoor cafes and bars. Plus the sun was shining.


Art and Science City - Valencia

Valencia Market

From there we headed south through dreary industrial sprawl and coastal high-rise, built I think with the aim of becoming slums. Anyway, we found a great spot north of the dreaded Benidorm that has not been ruined. The campsite is brilliant and local hill town is very Spanish and traditional. The beach is a 5 min cycle away, and rather lovely. Well it’s not really a beach to me (I’m Aussie), it has pebbles on it, and you can’t lie on that no matter how determined. Well there were a few Poms doing just that, but clearly don’t understand what a beach is. But the sun is shining and water is beautiful.

Javea Beach

Sunday lunch in the Sun

We’ll stay here a few days and then south-west towards our favourite winter bolt-hole on the Atlantic coast. Morocco is off the agenda for now (loooong story), but we’ll meet up with Darren and Clare and do some interesting trails in the Sierra Nevada or something similar.

Lawrence and I might do a couple of weeks in Morocco in February. We’ll see.

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