Saturday, January 17, 2015

Why Wasn’t I Told??

Why didn’t anyone think to tell me that Joe Cocker died? I only found out a couple of days ago, by a casual remark from a neighbour, that he died just before Christmas. I'm still reeling from the shock. My teenage hero – RIP. Really though, it's amazing he lasted this long.

Anyway despite this news we managed to have a fabulous birthday celebration. Turning 59 didn’t seem so bad in my favourite city with the sun shining. Yes, my birthday treat was 2 nights in an apartment in Sevilla and lunch in my favourite restaurant.
Lunch Day 1

Birthday Lunch - Day 2

Birthday lunch

Lunch Day 3

We did all our favourite haunts again, and even found a new bar – a very Spanish bar, that hadn’t been redecorated since 1932, approximately. The food was outstanding.
Sevilla Alcazar - just to prove we didn't just eat and drink
We really thought this would be our last visit to this gorgeous city, however as fate would have it we are destined to return, not once, but twice! Friends from Texas announced they’d be in the vicinity 2nd week of Feb, and then friends from Glasgow emailed to say they’d be around for the first few days of Feb. Who are we to say no?

The weather in El P continues to be sunny and warm, but a storm is forecast for the next few days. We’ll just hunker down and wait for the sun to return. It is a really social campsite this year and we have made more new chums, and with friends from previous years about to arrive, it’s going to be a fun last 2 weeks.
Nearby Cadiz
Enough of me raving about our lifestyle in sunny Spain. The pics say it all.

PS: Lawrence bought me a new vegetable peeler for my birthday – last of the big spenders. But check it out! This little shop in Sevilla is a treasure trove. They now have an online option - could be dangerous. After all, how could you resist a gadget that will produce square boiled eggs!

Vegetable peeler that slots onto you finger...

Ferreteria/Kitchen Shop

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