Thursday, August 25, 2011

We Got Married

For those of you who haven't heard - we got married 2 weeks ago in Auckland. It was terribly romantic - Kate needed a visa and Lawrence has the all important British passport...  Australian bureaucracy is such that it was much easier to fly to Auckland to get married in the  registry office by a 12 yr old Chinese dude in a pullover.  The bride's bouquet was a Moet & Chandon ice bucket, very apt, supplied by Joint Chief Bridesmaid, Jenny Vickers.

House is packed up, we leave tomorrow!!!


  1. Congratulations, starry eyed newly weds!
    Getting married on a whim and roaming around Eurasia in a two are more 22 years old than I am. Best wishes from Austin, Texas.

  2. Congratulations and best wishes for both your romantic wedding and one-of-a-kind honeymoon! John

    Wow, what an adventure. If that monster vehicle of yours also walks on water, drive it on over to Texas and we'll take you gun shopping. Then we'll sit on the deck with a 6-pack and watch the turtles mating in the backyard. Congratulations and Happy Trails! denise

  3. watch the turtles mating? my mom is so weird.


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