Saturday, November 5, 2011

Living with Less

When we were planning this trip, Lawrence was commenting that it would be an interesting exercise for us learning to live with less. How do you think we are doing?

We have;
4 x telephones
2 x computers
5 x GPS options ( each of which seems to have an opinion of its own)
2 x i-Pods
2 x Kindles
1 x i-Pad
2 x digital cameras
1 x docking station

Riedel wine glasses
Crystal Champagne flutes
Small wine cellar
Outdoor furniture
Gazebo (with yoga room)
And, a scooter called MoJo.

Mmmm - whats' wrong with this picture??

Kate and MoJo


  1. Them's electronics. They don't count.
    Strange though....considering Lawrences "phobia"!!!


  2. Lawrence's only phobia is "Fear of running out of wine".


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