Monday, July 21, 2014

Legless Again

Just when you thought it was safe, I’m going to tell you more about my broken ankle!!! Sorry, but it just has to be told. I’ll spare you the gory details, but I’ve had the plate and seven of the screws removed. A couple of the screws were so prominent that they were starting to become a real pain at yoga – ouch!
So now I’m on crutches again, hopefully for the last time. Foolishly I decided that I could do stairs this time, being so strong from all the yoga - ha ha. Good plan except that I strained all the muscles in my back and shoulders, so every step for the next 3 days was agony.

Am now back to normal and will be on crutches until Saturday.

As a result of the GP’s Secretary deciding that I couldn’t have a different name to my husband, I was known Frau Johnstone in the hospital, which I suppose was better than being ‘La Americana’ which was my moniker in Spanish hospital.

Lawrence’s sister Helen has come over from Glasgow to visit with her partner Billy, so we’ve had fun catching up. The weather has been fab, warm and sunny, but sadly pouring rain this morning. They’ve been using our old fold-up bikes that we left at Stuart’s last year and are loving riding along the Rhine. Regrettably I couldn’t join them. Can’t wait to get back on 2 wheels.
BBQ Chez Johnstones

Lunch by the Rhein

We’ve started the process of getting our Russian visas. Step one was to get some very grim passport photos taken. As we need 12 month multi entry visas, we need validate them by going to Russia in October. So lucky us, we get to go to St Petersburg – yippee. Everybody says it is simply fabulous. We are really looking forward to that side trip.

Not much else is happening in Deutschland. Asparagus season is over and cherry season is in full swing. Not sure what the next season will be but it does seem to be mandated by law that thou shalt not eat asparagus after June 30. It was really good while it lasted.

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