Thursday, April 23, 2015

Turkish Delight

We’re sitting in a campsite in the foothills near Sumela Monastery in NE Turkey – and looking at snow. Yes, it seems that every blog post must start with a weather report. We really thought we’d finished with snow but here it is April 23 and it’s snowing.

Snow has now turned to sleet, this is the worst of both worlds. Colder than rain and wetter than snow - yuk. 3 degrees outside.

Last night we caught up with Odyssey Overland again - a large 4WD truck full of intrepid campers. Last night the Aussies were so miserably cold we donated our cooking wine for them to drink - they were so grateful!!
Odyssey Overland

We drove up to the Sumela Monastery today, but snow closed last section of the road and the footpath was just too treacherous, for me. Remember the broken ankle thing? So, I’m cautious.

Despite this whinge, it was a very beautiful drive through a veritable Christmas card. We drove back to the campsite, made some soup and went to lunch – again. It’s all you can do in this weather.

Clancy of the Overflow


I last left you in Amasra and the promised sun appeared next day so we managed the spectacular drive along the Black Sea Coast. One day of sun was promised and that’s what we got. The road was terrible, so it took all day, but day 2 in the terrible weather, the road was brilliant. We ended up in Samsun where we met an Australian woman who been living there for almost a year. She was desperately homesick, so we had a coffee (Starbucks!!) and a chat, and exchanged travel stories. Hi there, Dee.
Black Sea Coast

Black Sea Coast

The rest of coastal drive was a bit dreary through dull towns and dismal weather.

We had planned to head into the mountains from here, but there’s too much snow. So we’ll head back to the coast and into Georgia. Should be OK by Saturday, Insh’Allah.

Oh and we have a new toy! We can now bore you to death with video footage of Boris’s nose driving through parts unknown and as well as subjecting you to blog posts and photos.

Yes, we have a GoPro!

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