Saturday, February 11, 2012

Lazy, Hazy, Crazy Days of Winter

Sadly, we leave Spain tomorrow morning. We’ve been in the country for about 3 months and have enjoyed amazing weather, even though the rest of Europe seems to be freezing. It’s hard to drag ourselves away from the decadent life here. We’ve really taken to the whole ‘campervan’ lifestyle.

We’ve also taken to Spanish Sunday lunch in a big way. It’s such a tradition here with families of 3-4 generations getting together for lunch in the sun. We love sitting and people watching, and the kids are great. They engage with the older generation in such a natural way that we seem to have lost in Australia to some extent. I also just adore the old ladies with their perfectly coiffed hair, like they’d just walked out of the salon.
One Last Lunch

More Mog Makeover
Our camp at El Puerto de Santa Maria has been so lovely, the month has rushed by. We had intended to stay here a week. However, we have stocked up on sherry and hidden it all in the secret cupboard, which hopefully the customs people won’t find.
Storks at Church

I’m not sure if the truck will attract or repel them, but we’ve been warned to have a stash of 5 euro notes available for all tricky situations.

We arrive in Tangier Med and will spend the 1st 2 nights in a camp that has been recommended on the coast just south of Tangier. We then head south along the Atlantic coast towards Rabat and Casablanca. We are still undecided as to whether to visit Casablanca as everyone says it’s a real dump, but still there’s THAT movie…

We should arrive in Marrakech about Feb 23 and will spend 5 nights in luxury in a Riad. We’ll be desperate for a hot shower by then.

Not sure when the next blog will be as internet access might be very patchy. Stay tuned…

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