Friday, February 17, 2012

Mogging around Morocco

Our arrival in Morocco was completely uneventful, apart from meeting some lovely hippies. Customs were uninterested in us, so the sherry stash is in tact – Allah be praised.

Tangier was an intriguing city with the usual blend of old and new. We ventured to the Medina and got shanghaied by Abdul, an unofficial guide. It’s funny how you read about these things happening and you think it’ll never happen to you – but alas we were on a tour of the Kasbah before we realised it!! Abdul was very knowledgeable with a great sense of humour, His english was really very good and of course he knew every street, every doorway, and everybody in the Kasbah, so we had a great fun morning with him. Happy to part with 10 euros for his time.
The infamous Abdul

The catch was (there always is one), we got left at a restaurant for lunch and got comprehensively ripped off. The food was good but about 3 times the price one should pay. Oh well, lesson learned.

Trying to lose Abdul in the Kasbah

Next stop, a small town called Asilah. We camped in a parking area by the beach that has a guardienne, who charges 50 dirham and a shot of gin. The Medina has been restored beautifully and a delight to wander around, the newer parts of town not so lovely.
Lovely Asilah Medina

100 kms down the road, still on the Atlantic coast is a town called Moulay Bousselham, renowned for it’s bird watching. The town is a dump – literally. It looks like someone decided to build a town on a rubbish tip and forget to get rid of the garbage. It’s quite foul. Our camping spot by the lagoon however, is clean and comfortable. I simply take my cleaning products to the showers and give them a going over before entering. Islamic cleanliness only extends to the body apparently – not anything else.
Thinking of trading in the Mog

We went a bird watching boat trip on the lagoon which was OK, but all those damn gulls look the same to me. Lawrence had a great time and I enjoyed the sun. As I type he’s out in the cold looking for owls, whilst I’m having a quiet sherry in the warmth.
Fishing for Eels in the Lagoon

The restaurant here does home delivery!! Tagine delivered to your Mog door, what a treat, and tonight we can have wine with dinner. Had a few days off the alcohol after over indulging in Spain.

Off towards Rabat…

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