Monday, December 26, 2011

Doing it tough in northern hemisphere

Quick update on our Christmas in the northern hemisphere.
Xmas Eve
Christmas morning
Christmas day was wonderfully warm and sunny as predicted – about 20 degrees. We started the day with a bike ride, followed by a bottle of bubbles in the sunshine, then walked into town for our Xmas lunch. As the weather so divine we sat on the verandah as drank a sherry whilst contemplating the menu.


I still have no idea what I ate for main course, but we started with pimiento and anchovy salad, and Lawrence had goat for main. Mine is still a mystery, but I suspect it was wild boar. Very delicious anyway. The waiter indicated that it came from out there  - with a wave of his hand toward the lagoon and national park – it wasn’t flamingo or spoonbill… I hope.

For Boxing Day, we went to the beach and ate grilled seafood in the sun again, it’s so hard to resist.

We will reluctantly leave our sunny bolt-hole on Thursday and fly to Germany for NYE and then onto Berlin to catch up with my niece, Anita, who is allegedly studying German. She spent most of Xmas day in hospital, after breaking her arm in at least 3 places whilst ice-skating.

We’ll at least be able to assist her with shopping and opening wine etc when we are there.

Have just checked the weather in Sydney and it would appear that we having better weather in the south of Spain, don’t we feel smug?...!!

The horses here can walk on water!

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