Friday, December 9, 2011

Running with Bulls

Actually I was running away from the bull. We went for wonderful hike into the Mountains but came across a large bull who was showing a bit too much interest in us for my liking (Lawrence wasn't worried, but I'm a chicken). He was monopolising the path, so we headed downhill. Fortunately we met some Spanish walkers, who said “ don’t worry, come with us, you’ll be fine”, so went started upward again, and went cross country to avoid el toro, who seemed to lose interest in us finally.

It is really steep here and I find it quite challenging. Lawrence is part mountain goat, so looks like he’s out for a Sunday stroll. I scramble about like an ungainly crab.
On our hike
After 2 hours of constant uphill, we left our new Spanish friends to it and headed for home for a 3 hour lunch on the terrace in the sun, drinking wonderful Spanish wine.
How smug do I look??

We’ve spent time wandering about Granada city and the lovely old Moorish suburbs. The Alhambra was as beautiful as anticipated, even worth the queuing for 45 minutes to take up our allotted time slot in the Palacio Nazaries, the building that features in the photos and brochures. The intricate carving on the walls is truly beautiful, so unlike the rococo and baroque that we have seen the Catholic churches.
Stunning Alhambra
Tomorrow we are going to do some more hiking in these wonderful hills. We are making friends with the dogs in the neighbourhood as we walk by. We come across goat and sheep herds on our way home with their bells clanging being guarded by very watchful dogs, who eye us suspiciously.

We are hoping that all this walking will help our waistlines. Every time we order a drink, a little dish of food appears on the bar or table. Fried breadcrumbs (divine!), potato pauvre, big fat olives, ham and bread, a bit of paella. All so delicious that we wolf them down before our meal. Love Spain!
Our local village Guejar Sierra

Next stop Cordoba.

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  1. HOW GREAT is the Alhambra!!!!! ...
    what about teleod (did you get a sword)

    ahhhh i'm jealous


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