Saturday, December 31, 2011

New Year's resolutions

As the new year rolls in it’s time to make resolutions – it is after all a tradition.

So here’s mine – for all the world to see.

  1. Drink only good quality wine, life’s too short to drink bad wine.
  2. Have at least one AFD per year, just to prove I’m not an alcoholic.
  3. Finish re-painting the Mog. It’ll be a more viable sales proposition.
  4. Keep eating as much fabulous food as possible without putting on weight (ie; walk as many hills as can be walked).
  5. Collect as many OPDs (other people’s dogs) as feasible.
  6. Learn how to order wine, beer and food in a few more languages.
  7. Follow the sun around Europe, whilst avoiding crowds, bad wine and brussell sprouts.
  8. Teach the French how to make tea.
  9. Make some money out of the blog, to assist in our continuing journey. This includes you readers, so please share with your other friends and click on the posts lots – I don’t care if you don’t read them.
  10. Find somewhere to spend August avoiding heat, cold and crowds. All suggestions will be carefully considered.

Happy New Year.

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