Sunday, December 18, 2011

The Wild Wild West

We are now camped in our Xmas bolt hole just outside a town called El Rocio. It really is the wild west. We feel like we are on a movie set for a spaghetti western, with characters from central casting. Where’s John Wayne??

Typical Street
The wide sand streets are so unexpected, with houses and bars having hitching rails for the popular mode of transport – the horse. We’ve seen more horses than people. Most houses have a stable as part of the main structure.

Our first afternoon in town, we sat at a bar for a beer. Cue flamingos, cue sunset on the lagoon, dogs scrapping in the street, horseman riding by. It is quite amazing. Surprisingly, most of the trees are Eucalypts, which look a little out of place to my Australian eye.

Who needs a car?

The wetland is right at the edge of town, so there are always flamingos to see - yes FLAMINGOS!!!.  We’ve also seen a Spanish Imperial Eagle which is apparently very rare. There’s only something like 20 breeding pairs left.

I've taken so many photos of horses and flamingos.

Pretty Flamingos
Yesterday we took MoJo to the beach, which is only 15 kms away. We walked alongside the Atlantic and then sat in the sun eating grilled sardines & anchovies and drinking a cold beer. We are about 80kms from the Portugese border. The weather is still being kind, cold nights and mornings, but mostly sunny. Better weather than summer in Sydney and NZ from what we hear. Today is brilliant blue skies and approx 19 degrees. Lunch in the sun again – Sunday lunch is a big deal in Spain. We are bit early though it’s only 1.45pm…
Coming home from church

Back from lunch now… Sat in the sun eating goat and duck etc. Bloody marvellous, when 3 horseman rode by and stopped for a drink, literally (see picture) – no need to dismount!!!

Horse Service

Tomorrow we are doing a private guided tour of the National Park “Coto Donana”. The park is highly protected so you can’t go into it without a guide.

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