Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Winter Solstice

Well today is the winter solstice, so we celebrated by sitting in the sun drinking wine, simply because we could!!. Just love the south of Spain, and now understand the English obsession with it.
Enjoying the winter solstice

It must have reached 20+ degrees today and the opportunity to sit in it with a glass of vino was too good to pass up. We had been for a 6km walk in the morning, followed by some household chores so felt vindicated.

Father Christmas
Yesterday we went shopping!! Our Christmas presents to ourselves are some folding bikes. We had decided some time ago that bikes would be a great idea so took the opportunity of being nearish a big commercial centre this side of Seville and went shopping for all sorts of odds and sods, including a printer and scanner, so the possessions grow…

The day before, (Monday, I think) we went on our guided tour of the national park. Lawrence was in birdie heaven and we did see some interesting things. Our guide’s name was José (of course) who showed us a great variety of birds and animals, the highlight of which was a lynx, sitting near the road completely unconcerned by us.
The Lynx
We also saw a 500 plus flock of cranes, which was amazing plus loads of other interesting large and small feathered creatures, and plenty of deer. The downside was the weather, it was absolutely freezing. Scant cloud cover, but with a chill wind that seemed to go right through you. 

The next few days will be spent walking, cycling and generally chilling out as there is not much else to do here, apart from befriending dogs and horses.

This is most definitely not a one horse town.

A typical scene in El Rocio

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