Thursday, September 8, 2011

The Last 2 Weeks

Well, here's a recap.

3 days in HK. Lawrence boosted the coffers of the Foreign Correspondents Club, as we spent a large amount of time eating and drinking there. The rest of our time was spent at Barbara and Peter's eating and drinking and swimming in the pool. Wonderful relaxing 3 days after our hectic week.

4 days in Bonn (actually in Bad Godesberg).
We stayed with Lawrence's brother and sister-in-law, Stuart and Barbara. They live in a lovely flat very close to the Rhine. It's such a beautiful area, I was quite surprised by the prettiness of the area and the history. We were able to walk along the Rhine into Bonn and check out the old city, just beautiful, especially accompanied by a glass or 2 of Kolsch.

Also spent time eating great food and drinking wonderful rieslings and spatburgunders (pinot noir). We went to a place called the Wienhaus and I had the best steak I've ever eaten!! The wine is really cheap compared to Australia, so we are LOVING that.

Barabara cooked a traditional onion pie to have with Federweisser, which is released at this time of year. Rather interesting drop, we don't get it in Oz as it can't travel.

The Rhine area really was the highlight and we took advantage of plenty of opportunities to drink Kolsch alongside it. Looking forward to going back.  ALSO - I'm now an official resident of Bonn, and we have german bank accounts. That wedding is really starting to pay off. I've never been a resident of anywhere, except Australia. Very excitement...

5 days in Glasgow.
Despite what I expected, Glasgow is a really beautiful city (shame about the weather.) It is the best preserved Victorian city in the UK. It wasn't bombed and there was no money to knock it all down and build hideous things. (Oh God, someone just walked into the pub and said Ay oop!). We had 2 sunny days, which is quite extraordinary, sat by Loch Lochmond eating fish and chips and drinking beer in the sun. Weather went to shit after that. Glasgow was really a round of catching up with L's friends and family, and for me, meeting lots of people, I really starting to get weary of our story and the sound of my own voice.

We had a VERY fabulous Rioja at a wonderful restaurant we went to with sister Helen and Maggie, of hat fame. For those of you who haven't seen the wedding hat, I'll be wearing it around the traps, so you'll see plenty of it.

The scots were all fabulous -  friendly, happy, helpful. How do that keep that up when the weather is so miserable? God love them.

Highlight - we stayed in a Victorian house in a CRESCENT! a real one.

Photos to come.

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