Thursday, September 8, 2011

Lawrence's view on the Unimog

Let me start by saying that I'm not accusing Kate of lying, it's just that I believe the size is a matter of perspective. I had expected a slightly adverse reaction from Kate, but not quite the condemnation that occurred. Yes, it's a big truck (it's a bloody Unimog for god's sake) but it's not THAT big. There are Fiat Ducato and Ford Transit campers that are longer than the Mog driving about. It's the same width as a towing caravan. What makes it look so massive is that it's 3.5 metres high, it sits on huge tyres and it helps if you've got a stepladder to get into it. I prefer to see it as a superior driving position which allows you to look down on on inferior vehicles while being at the same height as the drivers of 48 tonne trucks. Anyway, she'll be glad of the height when we get to Mongolia.

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