Tuesday, September 27, 2011

We have arrived in France

Well, we made it. We survived our underwater crossing on a large train, where everyone came to inspect the Mog as it's quite a talking point. Someone asked me this morning where we were going, so I said "Malaysia". Lawrence doesn't seem to tire of talking about our plans and the truck, so he has become the spokesperson.

We are camped in a lovely Caravan Park in Licques, not too far from Calais. It's very peaceful and rural, quite bucolic. I went for my first ride on scooter, and we came back from the village with our baguette, I felt very French. The French still don't know how to make tea.

I spent a couple of hours lying on a blanket under our tree reading a book - sheer heaven. We are here for 3 nights and then move on the Champagne - God knows what we'll find to do there...

I've been reading Ewen McGregor's 'Long Way Round' and have started to see the advantages of a Mog - in countries without roads that is.

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  1. So, after a bit of a false start (the steam etc), it sounds like you are really on your way. Excellent!


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