Saturday, September 10, 2011

We Made it to Wales - with a little help from our friends...

It's now Saturday and I'm sitting in a cosy house in Wales outside the lovely town of Conwy, which has it's own Castle and wonderful 13th century city walls. We are without Unimog.

This is NOT of my doing, as you are probably thinking. I bravely got into the Monster and sat quietly trying to find some good points. Good point No 1: I'm not in the office. Good point No 2 (ok having trouble thinking of one - I'll get back to you).

Anyway, 10 mins down the M6, steam started pouring out of the engine and the dashboard. I bolted out of truck thinking it was going to explode (not hoping it was it going to explode), and we waited 45 mins for the cavalry to arrive in the form of the mechanics that have been working on it for 3 MONTHS. Off we go again with great trepidation, another 10 mins, we are on the M6 shoulder again with steam billowing out.
Bad Hair Day

We finally made it back to High Bentham, where I drank another 2 pints of issue avoidance. We were rescued by Pete who kindly drove us to his house in North Wales in terrible traffic. The 2 hour trip took 4 hours. The gin went down well went we finally arrived, 5 hours late.

Apparently the monster will be delivered to us on Monday - we'll see.

This is NOT a good start, n'est pas??

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  1. The Mog knows you don't like it, Kate - you provoked the beast. I think you'll need to make friends with it, otherwise your storage space on board will be entirely taken up with tranquilising supplies of alcohol - this will not work... Hope you can be on your way soon, xx


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