Saturday, September 24, 2011

London calling...

After leaving our haven in Northern Wales and our friends Kath and Pete, and their divine dogs Sophie and Daisy (see photo of curly coated retriever), we headed south.  We spent 2 days in a wee village called Spratton in Northamptonshire. These friends, Mark and Stephanie, have a cottage attached to their house, so we were living in luxury. Managed to visit an equal number of pubs and churches, so everybody was happy (well, maybe more pubs than churches). We then spent 2 days in Stratford-upon-Avon with Liz and Paul, before heading to London to catch up with the truck.
Our cottage in Northamptonshire

We have now been in London for 4 days AND so has the Mog. Lawrence drove it down from Lancaster without incident. It is residing in Rochester in a friend's work yard, lurking behind porta-cabins, so no-one steals it (we should be so lucky!). Anyway, I am gradually making friends with it, and it had rewarded me by revealing a secret wine storage cupboard, which of course made me very happy. 

I've scrubbed the living area and stocked it with our goodies from IKEA etc and it's starting to look like home. Once the Riedel wine glasses are in situ, we'll be ready to roll. We also have the weather on our side which always makes things seem better, today is 21 degrees..!!

We head for France on Monday, which is the real start to our adventures as we will be without backup rescue teams. We need all you atheists out their to pray for us - is there a Unimog God I wonder? If so, we'll need to sacrifice a goat and bottle of cheap Prosecco or something similar on Monday. Will keep you posted, assuming we survive driving underwater across the channel.


  1. Thank god you are finally on the move. Have been awaiting more dramas. Thinking of dumping the tv asnd following the dramas of mogblog instead. Must be time for a ....

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